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Bysync, a simple synchronization tool, was developed as the author's last resort to remedy the unusable synchronization function of Microsoft Expression Web. It has the following features:

  • Synchronize a selected folder or an entire site.
  • Upload a selected local folder or file
  • Download a selected remote folder or file
  • Custom filters for folders and files.
  • Can store the information of unlimited number of  sites. Select any of them from a list to work on.
  • Prompt to confirm each synchronization action (e.g. batch uploading missing files, batch uploading unsynchronized files, etc.)
  • Files can be selected or deselected individually or collectively for each action.
  • Batch synchronization actions include:
    • Upload files missing on the remote site.
    • Upload or set as in-sync files that have not been synchronized.
    • Upload files that have changed on the local site
    • Upload files that have changed on the remote site
    • Upload files that have changed on both the local site and the remote site
  • Prompt for update if a newer version of Bysync is available online.

Limitations and known issues:

  • It supports only FTP connection.


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