• UWP apps

    Tags: technology, software, UWP

    Xamarin is still not mature, reliable and stable enough to server its purpose - saving time for makign apps targeting multiple platforms.

    A UWP app project still needs to be an independent project, … more

  • Computers for non-gamers

    Tags: technology, computer

    Many expensive computers are geared toward gamers. CPUs, and even more expensive video cards primarily for playing demanding games.

    For non-gamers, the following will make a computer with good … more

  • Opening bank accounts in the US for foreigners

    Tags: IRS, W-7

    Many people living under unstable totalitarian regimes are wisely transferring their assets to normal countries to protect their values.

    Opening a bank account in the US only requires  a … more

  • Flight from Chengdu to Boston

    Tags: travel, flight, chengdu

    Chengdu -> Beijing (CA1426:  21:15 - 12:05)

    Beijing -> Newark (CA819:  9:20 - 10:20)

    Newark -> Boston(CA7419 /UA2045:   12:17 - 13:28  or United 1202: 15:23 - 16: … more

  • Extreme energy conservation

    Tags: energy, conservation

    Heating can be completed stopped by middle April in Easter Massachusetts reducing a two-floor home's electricity bill to less than $70 (< 500 KWH) in April through September.  This requires … more

  • Auto body rust management

    Tags: car, automobile

    Audo body rust is preventable and manageable. 

    Wire sheel, then 120 grit sanding tool (sand paper or sand sponge) to remove rust.

    Use chemical rust converster(e.g. Loctite Extend Rust … more

  • Pollen Allergies

    Tags: allergy

    Pollen allergy season usually starts in late April and ends in late May in Eastern Massachusetts.  They symptoms include teary eyes, running nose, drowziness and sneezing,

    I have tested  … more

  • Spirit Airlines

    Tags: transportation

    It is a great airline if you like to pay only for what you get.

    First checked bag - $30 during booking, $40 online afterwards, $100 at gate.

    Check-in - free online, $10 at gate.

    A cup … more

  • HTML5 audio for live streaming

    Tags: html5, audio, software

    One can add live audio streaming wiith the following HTML5 tag:

        <audio controls autoplay preload="none">

            <source src="/audio.wav" type="audio/wav" … more

  • Dell Latitude 10 – ST2

    Tags: computer

    Dell Latitude 10 – ST2   is a fine tablet.  It comes with Windows 8.  

    The following are the steps to upgrade it to Windows 10:

    Install all updates (about 200)

    Go to … more

  • VC++ files

    Tags: VC++, Visual Studio

    Some VC++ files (e.g. atlstr.h) come with VS.  In other words, installing the corresponding VS is the only way to get all those file.

    For example, to get all the files under C:\Program … more

  • Using FFmpeg for Windows

    Tags: video, decoder

    It is a nice move for Microsoft to create FFmpegInterop for Windows app developers to use FFmpeg. It simplifies the task dramatically. 

    As using any other libraryin software … more

  • Visual Studio 2017

    Tags: Visual Studio

    Visual Studio 2015 is great, and it is great that Microsoft keeps pushing out new produts, but the problem is some new features are not well supported by the latest version of Visual Studio which is … more

  • Uninstall a program on a Windows PC

    The standard installation/uninstallation feature of Windows is unreliable, especially for uninstallation which may require files that do not exist anymore.  

    Microsoft installation/ … more

  • Clearing clogged drain

    Tags: drain, clog

    Green Gobbler is the most effective compared with Zep Drain Care, K-67, Drano and Liquid Plumr Foaming Clog Fighter.  This is based on tests with a clog down far from a kitchen sink ( > 3 … more

  • Parking for Logan Airport

    Tags: transportation, parking

    Central & Ter. B Garage, Ter. E Lots: $32/day

    Economy Garage: $23/day (with frequent shuttle bus, walking distance to terminals)

    PreFlight Parking: $16.5/day (online reservation, frequent … more

  • Outlook 2016 and

    Tags: software, email, outlook

    Revaming emails (e.g., like emails) requires reconnection.  

    Follow the instructions to reconnect.  You could delete the old outlook profile … more