Covid vaccination


Covid vaccination

I have never taken a flu shot but was looking forward to the new mRNA Covid vaccine, and got one on 2021-04-10.

The FEMA mass vaccination site at the Hynes Convention Center is very well run. It is staffed largely by the navy.  Everything from the entry to the exit is meticulous: greeting and hand sanitizing at the entry, checking in with an ID, guiding to the available inoculation station, 15-minute observation at a designated area, exiting with a parking voucher.  The parking at the Prudential Center Parking Garage is free with the voucher.

Scheduled for 8:12.

Arrived early and received a Pfizer shot at 8:09. Some blood at the injection site. The navy serviceman probably shot a capillary. 

Resting till 8:24

Did some shopping in Boston afterward. 

Felt dry eyes for a few hours.

Noticeable pain at the injection site when moving the right arm.

2021-04-11 (day 2).

The pain decreased significantly.