Las Vegas


Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most misunderstood cities in the world.  The vast majority of people associate it with gambling due to its large number of casinos. For many knowing Las Vegas well, it is a heaven for conventions due to its beauty, comfortable weather in winter, excellent facilities, friendly people, and costs that are far more reasonable than similar cities. 

If one travels from Boston to Las Vegas, Spirit Airlines may be the best choice due to is large number of flights.  This is useful because they can put you on a different flight with minimal impact on your travel plan if you miss yours for any reason.  The legroom of their planes are among the smallest - 28 inch and seats do not recline.  You can purchase a big front seat for additional $35 or so.  The big front seats are close to the first class seats of other airlines with 22-inch width vs 15.5-inch, and 36-inch legroom.  You can book from Spirit 70 days in advance to get the best prices.  Joining their $9 club should save enough to cover the membership with one trip if you have one check-in bag. 

The lodging  in Las Vegas may be the best in the world considering the choices, quality and cost.  The simplest way is booking a room at a hotel along Las Vegas Boulevard that has excellent public transportation namely Deuce that perhaps is quicker, cleaner and more comfortable than taxi.  A 3-day pass costs $20.  Be aware of resort fees that can be as high as $40/night when you book from hotels.  Some hotels do not charge resort fees at all.

If you want maximum flexibility, renting a car is necessary.  Avoid cheap brands such as E-Z Rent, Advantage, Economy, For Rent a Car, Budget, ACE Rent a Car which poor services can be seen easily through numerous reviews.  Alamo has a great reputation. 

Turo is car rental equivalent of Airbnb for room rental.  Its competitor Hyrecar has poor reviews. Turo provides a large selection of cars and can offer free car delivery.  It means one can get a desirable car delivered to him usually free of charge at a cost much lower than traditional car rentals.  

With a car in hand, one can utilize Airbnb to get room and, perhaps more importantly, Wi-Fi with a speed far better than that of any hotels in Las Vegas.