Let's Encrypt


Let's Encrypt is FREE and easy to install with a right tool.

Let's Encrypt is a great project.  Many hosting service providers such as A2 Hosting provide free SSL automatically via Let's Encrypt.

Steps to use Let's Encrypt  with IIS:

  1. Download and install Certify.
  2. Run Certify, and register a new email for contact (required).
  3. Tap "New Certificate"
  4. Tap "Certificate Domains" on the right column.
  5. Enter certificate name as you wish.
  6. Select a website from the drop-down list.
  7. Add domains (e.g. www.mydomian.com, mydomain.com)
  8. Tap "Authorization"
  9. Challenge Type: dns-01
  10. DNS Update Method: (Update DNS Manually)
  11. Add email address for notification.
  12. Follow the instructions to add a TXT record to the domain DNS settings.  If DDNS service is used, the record should be added at the DDNS service provider's website instead of the domain registrar's website.
  13. Tap "Request Certificate" at the top right corner.
  14. Tap "Deployment" on the right column.
  15. Select Deployment Mode: Single Site (selected in Domains tab).
  16. Select Binding Add/Update: Add or Update https bindings as required.
  17. Select all options of "Matching any of"
  18. Tap Save button at the top.  
  19. Turn off Firewall temporarily.
  20. Tap Test button to test to make sure it is successful.
  21. If the deployment has not made the certificate binding, one can use IIS manager to bind HTTPS of the website to the generated certificate which name is in the format: www.mydomain.com [Certify]...


The entire process should take less than 10 minutes.