Migrate Windows 10 apps to new system


Migrate Windows 10 apps to new system

After upgrading hardware to a new CPU, new drives and new RAMs, it is the best to do a clean install of Windows 10. 

One can use a new SSD to have the clean Windows 10 install, and the old SSD intact.  Suppose most user documents on are a large drive (E), there are three drives:

C: new clean Windows 10 

E: user files.

O: old drive C.

Drivers (install as soon as possible):


  1. 7-zip: download and install. 
  2. Android Studio: download and install it.
  3. Backblaze: follow the instruction to do inherit backup.  Copy file bzinfo.xml from O:\ProgramData\Backblaze\bzdata to C:\ProgramData\Backblaze\bzdata.  This file contains all the manually added excluded folders.
  4. Canon: install EOS Digital Solution Disk Software for Windows 8.1 (x64) first because it is not available for Windows 10, then download the latest updates for Windows 10 (x64).
  5. Chrome: download and install it, then follow these instructions to transfer profile data from drive O to drive C
  6. Expression Design: download and install
  7. Firefox: download and install it. 
  8. FolderSize: install.
  9. Git for Windows: following the instructions prompted by using Android Studio.
  10. Notepad++: 
  11. Office 2019: download an img file, open it and choose the 64-bit version.  If it cannot be installed due to an existing 32-bit version (e.g. it could be Microsoft Office Visio 2016), uninstall all Office products.   Start word, enter a purchased license key.  Following these instructions to move outlook data.  If the data file are already on drive E, there is no need to move them.  Add email one by one.  It is critical to use the advanced option and choose "Use an existing data file" for message delivery. This allows us to link the email to the PST file.  Follow these instructions to move signatures. Follow these instructions to move quick parts.
  12. QuickBooks: Download and enter the the retrieved license numbers looked up.
  13. Quicken: it needs specific download link.  One can get it from the vendor.
  14. SnagIt: Download an old version (e.g. SnagIt 9), and enter a purchased license key.
  15. Thunderbird: Download Thunderbird and follow these instructions to use the profile on drive E.
  16. Tor Browser: download and install.
  17. Visio: go to https://setup.office.com/, enter the key, download, install, activate it with the key.
  18. Visual Studio: download the VS installer and install it after selecting needed components.
  19. Wireshark: download and install.