Nissan Leaf Tidbits


Nissan Leaf Tidbits

Nissan Leaf purchased before 2019-07-07 enjoys free charging from EVgo which customer service is excellent thought their fast-charging stations are relatively sparse right now (2019).   One can drive a Leaf from Boston to Montreal (500 km) with 0 charging cost by using EVgo or Nissan Dealer charging stations.  

The battery consumption by elevation gain can be calculated.  It is about 1.14% of battery capacity/100 m for Leaf S with 40 KWH battery. 

On a earlier fall day with moderate temperatures (11°C - 13°C), a trip from Ipswich to Joe Dodge Lodge at Pinkham Notch (620 M elevation gain, 220 km) used 106% battery capacity,  the return trip (10°C) used 82% (this low number can be attributed to heavy slow traffic on a fall Sunday). 

On a late fall day with cold temperatures (-3°C - 5°C), the same trip to Joe Dodge Lodge at Pinkham Notch used 124% battery capacity without using heating. The return trip (-3°C - -2°C) used 112% battery capacity with the heating on for 1/3 of the trip. 

It uses 21% battery from the Scenic Vista at 3654 White Mountain Highway, Intervale, NH, 03845 to Pinkham Notch. 

On the Christmas return trip from Joe Dodge Lodge with temperatures of -4°C - 3°C, it used 86% of the battery to reach Port City Nissan for charing, and additional 32% to reach home. 

It uses 38% of the battery to travel from Ipswich to York with the temperature at 2°C.  It uses 85% of the battery to reach Pinkham Notch from York.

Drag coefficient Cd=0.28.  The most aerodynamic cars such as Mercedes-Benz A-Class have Cd around  0.22. 

Charging Time:

Level 1 (regular wall outlet) charging rate is about 1.4 KW, so charging a 40 KWH battery pack takes about 28 hours. 

Level 2 (J1772) charging rate is about 6.6 KW, so charging a 40 KWH battery pack takes about 6 hours. 

Level 3 (CharDeMo) charging rate varies widely.  It may start at 50 KW, but drop to 3 KW when the battery pack is charged to 95%.  I may take 1.5 hours to charge a 40 KWH battery pack fully.


Charging stops from Ipswich, MA to Ovid, NY:

  1. Charlton Service Plaza Westbound (125 KM).
  2. Lee Service Plaza Westbound (246 KM).
  3. Mohawk Valley Welcome Center - Westbound(386 KM) (3 CHAdeMO stations) 
  4. Ovid, NY (627)


 The app LEAF EZ-Charge has an outdated map missing many charging stations.  One should use other apps such as EVgo, ChargePoint. ChargePoint appears to have the best updated map. is great.

PlugShare app, miss many stations.