Photo editor


Photo editor selection

There so many photo editing programs that it is tough to choose one that meet the following subjective requirements:

  1. Ease of use.
  2. Enough features for a serious amateur photographer.
  3. Reasonably priced without subscription 
  • Digital Photo Professional.  Difficult to use.  Primarily for RAW pictures.
  • Picasa was great, but it was killed by Google.
  • Microsoft Photo does not have enough features (e.g. color adjustment).
  • Picturecode Photoninja ($129)
  • affinity Photo ($49).  Less user friendly than Luminar.  Similar to Photoshop.
  • Luminar ($69)  Easier than affinity. Similar to Lightroom.  Luminar 3 has a problem of starting. Even though the problem can be fixed after a repair, it still starts very slowly and many functions can suddenly stop working.  It is a very shaky program probably based on poor software engineering.  This may have to do with the fact it was initially developed as a Mac program, then ported to Windows.
  • GIMP (open source).  It may be powerful, but not user friendly.  I can be a tool in the box taken out occasionally to meet some special requirement of photo editing.
  • FastStone Image Viewer 



FastStone for frequent photo editing.

Photoshop Elements for occasional intensive editing of a small number of photos.