US will get better regardless of election outcome


US will get better regardless of election outcome

Many people believe the presidential inauguration will mark the beginning of an American apocalypse. I disagree. Let me give you 3 specific reasons.

1. The coronavirus pandemic situation will get better. It is almost impossible for it to be worse than it has been — the mortality rate among the top 5% of the world. The most effective therapeutics — monoclonal antibodies — will be more widely available. The most vulnerable (old and sick) may all get them, and they will get vaccines. The vast majority of the coronavirus mortalities are from a small portion of the population — old and weak. If they are protected via vaccines or mAbs, the mortality rate can drop by an order of magnitude making the coronavirus equivalent to light flu.

2. The fight to remove the international cancer — CCP — will continue though it may be at a different pace if Biden is elected. The current administration deserves a lot of credit to turn the tide against the CCP. The tide has turned permanently worldwide. If Trump is reelected, the fight will be at an accelerated pace. If Biden is elected, he will not reverse the tide. In some sense, his policy can be called the Trump policy on steroids. It is a distinct possibility that his administration may be even more effective in combatting the CCP mafia with better support from allies. Most importantly, the idiocy of the middle school dropout (MSD) ruling the CCP deserves a lot of credit for uniting the world against the CCP. Imagine if the CCP were still headed by a shrewd person such as Deng or Jiang without creating concentration camps in Xinjiang, aggression at the Sino-Indian border, the National Security Law for Hong Kong, the constant threat to Taiwan, militarization of the South China Sea… while continuing building the core strength of an evil empire to prepare for the final battle with the US. The MSD has alarmed and united democracies to combat his mafia and he will continue to do so no matter who will be the next US president.

3. Most importantly, American democracy is not dying. The government still largely reflect the will of the people. America is a federation. Local governments still conduct most of government businesses. The mistakes made by the federal government in this pandemic are partially corrected by local governments that often have more sound policies. I escaped a country where people for over 5,000 years have been constantly looking for or relying on a wise emperor for their happiness to come to the US where people trust a sound system instead of wise persons to protect and help them to pursue happiness. I traveled in 12 states (MA, NH, ME, NY, PA, MD, WV, VA, DE, NJ, CT, RI) and DC in October. I still see the same kind of Americans that I saw when I came to this country on January 2, 1992 as a student. They are civil, kind, and friendly. I have not seen a single incidence of rioting or screaming profanity. No president will change this foundation. As long as Americans are free, this country will move forward to a brighter and brighter future.