Wuhan Coronavirus


Wuhan Coronavirus

Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic is a man-made crisis by the CCP's suppression of free speech and dishonesty.

The CDC's testing fiasco resulted in the loss of at least 1 month's time.  Every successful country encourages its citizens to wear masks - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, S. Korea....  They stop the spread of the droplets from asymptomatic carriers who are the majority of the infected.   The US stands to lose $1 trillion (2.5% of GDP).  If it invested $1 billion to expand the mask production and cut the loss by half, that would be 50,000% ROI.  The US produced 300,000 airplanes in a short period of time during WWII.  Ramping up mask production cannot be more difficult than churning out a large number of airplanes.  The masks do not need to be N95. Any simple mask that catches exhaled droplets would to it.  I would not hesitate to fly if all crew members and passengers were required to wear masks.  Airlines may be able to reduce its loss by offering masks that cost a tiny fraction of what they would lose. 


The mortality rate still looks like about 1%, 10 times that of flu.  Most asymptomatic patients are never tested, but they can infect others. 

The US should have no more 20,000 symptomatic cases by now.

What matters most is the death toll from this virus.  The latest daily death toll is 23.  Seasonal flu kills about 60 per day.  The daily new confirmed US cases soared to 1748 due to pent up demand from primarily asymptomatic suspects.  It may continue to rise for a few days.


NY Governor Cuomo assumes that his state's #WuhanCoronavirus can be 30 times worse than Italy because he believes they need 30K ventilators. Italy with 60 M population currently has 2K serious patients who may need ventilators. NY population: 20 M.  This is an absurdity. 

Italy set a new record of daily new cases: 5,322. 

The US's daily deaths rose to 68.  This is alarming.