On the eve of the 29th Olympia, Georgian President Saak'ashvili launched a military attack on Russian peacekeepers claiming to attempt to take back South Ossetia As expected, the Georgian military troops were defeated quickly by much stronger Russian troops, but Mr. Saak'ashvili has achieved stunning political success - putting Georgia in the world spotlight, getting the West behind him and winning one billion tax dollars from USA, and probably securing his presidency against any competition.

Ossetians have been seeking independence for a century and under autonomy of different degrees for its entire existence. Soon after USSR disintegrated, Ossetians's independence movement escalated naturally. Peace agreement was reached after violent conflict in early 90s and Russian peacekeepers have been in the region since then. In early August 2008, some violent clashes happened but Georgian and Ossetian forces agreed on ceasefire on August 7. The next day, literally on the eve of the 29th Olympia, President Saak'ashvili made his shrewd move of mass incursion of Georgian troops and amour to South Ossetia. Russian troops responded after a dozen of its peacekeepers were killed and many injured.

After stabilizing the situation and insuring the Georgian military would not be able to start another massive attack, Russian troops withdrew. Russia recognized the independence of South Ossetia.

The West, led by US, condemned Russia and stood behind Saak'ashvili who frequently holds news conference in fluent English instead of his mother tongue. After so many deaths of Georgians, Ossetians and Russians, and all the infrastructure damages, President Saak'ashvili was the ultimate winner of this conflict.

The West condemned the independence South Ossetia only half a year after they orchestrated the independence of Kosovo. The West encouraged the disintegration of USSR and former Yugoslavia. Isn't it hypocritical for them to support Georgia in forcing South Ossetia to be a part of it.

If the West supports Saak'ashvili sudden massive military action against a de facto independent region, would they support mainland China to start similar military action to take over Taiwan which they recognize as a part of China. If US took military action to protect Taiwan from the mainland's military action, would the European countries condemn US? Probably not.


(originally written on 2008-09-06)


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