Screen Capture with Microsoft Expression Encoder

  1. Start Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture
  2. (optional) Modify settings to suit the specific needs. "Other" tab has some interesting options.
  3. Capture the video of a specified part of a screen.
  4. Start Microsoft Expression Encoder which is different from Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture.
  5. Open a job with the desired settings or create a new job and configure the settings. The most important settings are those of  encoding that can be found under the Encode tab.  Use  IIS Smooth Streaming format.  Remove low bit rates that produce unacceptable low quality video.  Keep 1Mbps, 850Kbps, 700 Kbps. A user preset can be created under the Presets tab and it can be reused.
  6. Import the captured video file by using the Sources tab.
  7. Set the output directory by using the Output tab.
  8. Encode (Sources Tab > Encode).  All the necessary files are generated in the specified output directory.

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