Can Beverly Glass be trusted?

I found a crack on my skylight in the summer of 2008 and after some search I picked Beverly Glass to do the job. It turned out to be the most frustrating experience that I have ever had with a business. I will let you make the judgement by presenting the facts as following::

[ 2008-09-18] I filled out an email form on their web site a few days earlier.  They called me and said the total cost would be $403.14 and half of the cost would be needed as deposit. I volunteered to pay the full cost of $403.14 in advance. They told me they would let me know in advance when their people would do the measurement.

[ 2008-09-22] I received a call a few minutes before a Beverly Glass employee arrived at my home to check skylight. I was not able to go home quickly so I had to give him directions to access the skylight and call the management company of the condominium to let them know someone would check the skylight.

[ 2008-09-27] They called me and left a message informing me that the total cost would be 70% more - over $680.

[ 2008-09-29] I talked to them and agreed to the cost reluctantly because I wanted to get this done as soon as possible. They said it would take about 5 to 10 days to have the skylight delivered and they would schedule the installation as soon as it arrived. I asked them to email me a brief description of the work. I never received it.

[ 2008-10-15] I called them and was told the skylight had not been delivered yet. I asked for emailing a brief description of the work. I never received it.

[ 2008-10-24] I called them and found the skylight had arrived but they were short of people to do the work. I asked them to email me again but I never received it.

[ 2008-10-31] I called them again and was told they had the people to do the job but they did not know how to move the skylight to the roof. I asked them again to email me again but I never received it.

[ 2008-11-03] I called them again. Ellen told me they were still trying to figure out how to do the job. She needed to check with Tom. I emailed from work to ask her to confirm the the receipt and I received any email from them for the first time.

[ 2008-11-04] I called them again. Ellen told me she was still waiting to talk to Tom. I asked them send me the work description and I received a pdf file of the job. This was the first time I received anything in writing regarding the contract. Ellen informed me via email that the installation would be scheduled the next week. The weather looked good.

[ 2008-11-13] On Thursday noon, I called them again because only one day was left for the week when the installation was said to be scheduled. Kim received the call and she told me she would get back to me early afternoon. She never made the call.

[ 2008-11-14] On Friday morning, I called again.Ellen said she was on another line and would call me in a few minutes. She never made the call. I called around noon, a gentleman received the call and said my skylight installation was on the top of the schedule and would call me either Friday afternoon or Monday. He never made the call.

[ 2008-11-21] I called again and was told they would install it on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 and they would notify me there would be any changeI requested a day off from work on that day.

[ 2008-11-25] I waited for them at home till early afternoon when I could not help making a call. They told me the installation was canceled due to the rain but they nevered notified me the cancelation. They said they would install it on Monday December 1.

[ 2008-12-01] With the lessons I learned so far, I called them in the morning and found out the job was canceled due to rain. Kim told me that Ellen would reschedule it after she came in in the afternoon. I called them at 13:00 when the sky was clearing up. Ellen told me they would do it in the afternoon and the technicians would be there in 20 minutes. I rushed home by 13:30. Three employees from Beverly Glass came at 14:00 and finished the installation at 15:30.


Skylight Dimension:

Inside: 37" x 58 1/2"

Outside: 42" x 64 1/8"



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