China Theater - the most under-reported WWII front

The China Theater where over 20 million lives (including more than 2 million troops) were lost and over 10 million troops fought is significantly under-reported in most literature on World Ward II due to the following reasons:

  1. The literature produced outside China usually favors the authors' own countries. For example, World War II Day By Day published in UK covers almost every war related incident in UK while touching slightly on some major events in China or Soviet Union.
  2. The Chinese Communist Party, the victor of the Chinese civil war that took place immediately after WWII, writes its own version of history in its favor.  Since it played a minor role in the Sino-Japanese war compared with the Chinese Nationalist Party, and  the wartime leader of China, Chiang Kai-shek, was its #1 enemy,  CCP deliberately omits or barely touches the major battles in its version of history. 

Here are some author's notes in his effort to seek the truth about the China Theater. Wikipedia's article Second Sino-Japanese War is very good but it could be expanded significantly with more details.



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