Chronicle Muscle Injury

Chronicle muscle injuries are probably the most common injuries seen in elite long-distance runners, and the third most common injury among all groups of runners (Noakes, 1991, p528).  If your muscles injury lasts for more than one months without any improvement, the section on chronicle muscle injury of Noakes' book is a must-read.  

According to Noakes, crucifixions are the only treatment that works.  My personal experience shows that crucifixions are at least the most effective way to treat chronicle muscle injuries.  I also found the combination of crucifixions and Chinese medicinal plaster works like wonder.  The crucifixions have to be brutal. The main ingredients of the plaster are fossilia ossis mastodi, eupolyphagasinensis walker, sanguis draconis, catechu, myrrha, rhizoma drynariae, radix dipsaci, flos carthami, rhizoma rhei, herba taraxaci, mentholum and methylis salicylas.   




Noakes, T (1991) Lore of Running. Leisure Press, Champaign, Illinois.



(originally written on 3/14/2002)

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