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A Venture of 26 Hours and 27 Miles in the White Mountains (2007-11-03)

Mount Lafayette Loop (2008-02-23)

Mount Madison and Adams Loop (2008-03-17)

Mount Madison, Adams and Jefferson Loop ( 2008-04-20)

Mount Greylock Loop (2008-05-10)

Northern Presidential Traverse followed by Mount Chocorua hike (2008-05-17)

Twin, Bonds to Lincoln Woods Traverse (2008-06-14)

Presidential Traverse and post-traverse (2008-06-21, 2008-06-22)

Second Presidential Traverse and post-traverse hike (2008-07-26, 2008-07-27)

Pemigewasset Loop (2008-08-17)

Northern Presidential Loop from Joe Dodge (2008-09-01)

Lafayette Campground to Highland Center (Franconia Notch to Crawford Notch) (2008-10-18)

Dry River Revisit (2008-11-02)


It is hard to believe that a book published almost 100 years ago is still very relevant and practically useful today. It is very very dense yet still very readable. Throughout the book, multiple figures are arranged to tightly fit into one page.I do not know if this book represents the writing style of 100 years ago. I think a modern author would quadruple the size of the book.

I am an avid outdoor person and I wanted to obtain some knowledge about different outdoor shelters that I see all the time and I received this book as a gift. It offers much more information than I originally anticipated. I am amazed by what shelters can be built with some simple tools. The author, one of the founders of Boy Scouts of America, actually lived in a log house built by himself. I suspect most of the content is from the author's own experience in building various kinds of architecture from simple shelters to fairly sophisticated houses. Modern lightweight tents may be the primary temporary outdoor shelters nowadays, but wood shelters are still loved by hikers, campers. This book is invaluable for educating kids to gain some basic carpentry and outdoor knowledge, nurture their sense of independence and responsibility and offer them the tremendous joy of staying in what built by themselves.


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